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Workplace Injuries: Auto Mechanics and Workers’ Comp

As an auto mechanic, you work with your hands every day, often with half of your body under the hood of a vehicle. Because of the nature of your profession, there are unique injuries that are common to your mechanical career. You may be facing an injury that is acute, meaning that it was caused by a specific incident, or one that involves repetitive motion and results in chronic pain. Whatever your injury, our Pocatello workers’ compensation attorneys at May, Rammell & Wells can help you to get the reparation that you need for your damages. You deserve to heal and get back on your feet without the stress of finances looming overhead. Let our team fight for the settlement you deserve, and that you work hard for.

Common Injuries for Auto Mechanics

Workplace injuries that are specific to auto mechanics are often either due to a sudden accident or due to repetitive injury over time. Regardless of the type of injury or the severity, if it happened at work, then it should be covered by workers’ compensation.

Injuries that are common to mechanics include:

  • Cuts and burns: Because you work inside of vehicle engine areas, you can be exposed to sharp metals and hot engine parts, causing burns and cuts.
  • Fractures and breaks: It is not uncommon for mechanics to break fingers, whether while working on an engine, lifting heavy parts, or changing tires. Finger fractures and even other broken bones are common. This can also include a severe injury such as one that occurs if a vehicle or engine falls from a jack or stand onto your body.
  • Back sprains and chronic back pain: Not only do you most likely stand or hunch over cars for hours at a time, but you may also lift extremely heavy engines or vehicle parts, which can be the cause of chronic or acute back pain. The ways in which you must position your body and hold it while working on a vehicle are highly conducive to injury.
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: You probably use several different repetitive movements throughout their work day. From unscrewing and screwing in bolts and nuts to removing and replacing lug nuts. Repetitive hand and wrist movements may cause carpal tunnel over time.
  • Chemical Exposure: Whether chemical burns or toxic fume inhalation, there is risk of chemical exposure when working in a mechanic’s shop. Your exposure to chemicals and the frequency of the exposure may result in illness or long-term exposure effects.

Pocatello Workers’ Compensation Attorneys

Our team of Pocatello worker’s compensation lawyers can help you make sure that your damages are covered, from lost wages to medical bills to recovery materials. You deserve to heal without worrying about finances. We understand that your job comes with unique risks, and that your workers’ compensation claims may be complicated due to your profession. We can assist you with filing your claim, and work with you to make sure that your employer and the insurance company treats you fairly. Let us stand by your side in recovery from your workplace injury.

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