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All About Cellphones and Driving in Idaho

It’s hard to go anywhere without your cellphone, let alone find a moment when you aren’t on it. What are Idaho’s laws on cellphone use while driving, and how can they impact you? Our team at May, Rammell & Wells has developed an FAQ to answer all your questions about Idaho state laws on distracted driving.

Is It Illegal to Call Someone While Driving?

In the state of Idaho, it is completely legal to make phone calls while driving. The state does not require the use of a hands-free device, nor does it limit the time you spend on your cellphone while driving. Police officers will not pull you over for using your cellphone and cannot add an additional fine for talking on the phone while driving.

The only exception to this law is within the city limits of Sandpoint, where any cellphone use is prohibited – hands-free or not. If you are caught using a cellphone in Sandpoint, the officer can fine you an amount of $10. However, the officer cannot pull you over solely for cellphone use. You must have committed an additional traffic violation in order for an officer to legally stop you.

Is It Illegal to Text and Drive in Idaho?

In July of 2012, Idaho became the 37th state to completely ban text messaging while driving. If you are caught texting and driving, you’ll face fines starting at $85, and the citation may impact your driving record.

Do the Laws Differ for Teens and Novice Drivers?

Young drivers are not given the same luxuries as more mature or experienced drivers. Under Idaho law, novice drivers may not use a cellphone to make phone calls – with or without hands-free assistance – at any time. As for text messaging while driving, novice drivers will face fines starting at $85.

Should I Use My Cellphone While Driving in Idaho?

Although Idaho allows drivers to talk on their cellphones while driving, it is always best practice to pull over or stop the vehicle before using your device. Talking while driving can distract a driver from the road and lead to dangerous driving patterns. In fact, over 23% of traffic accidents in 2015 were associated with distracted driving. Stay safe and pull over.

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