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Understanding the Characteristics of Catastrophic Accidents

Understanding the Characteristics of Catastrophic Accidents

Catastrophic accidents can have a major impact on many aspects of an individual's life. In addition to the physical injuries, there can be emotional and cognitive impacts as well. The rehabilitation process is often longer and more complex than for other types of accidents. Because catastrophic accidents can have a major impact on many aspects of an individual's life, they are usually treated as a separate category of accident and injury. Treatment for catastrophic injuries is often much more intensive than for other types of injuries, as they involve rehabilitation, surgery, and long-term therapy. Here, we will explore some of the other reasons why catastrophic accidents are treated differently from a personal injury perspective. 

What is a Catastrophic Accident?  

A catastrophic accident is an incident that often results in serious and life-altering physical or cognitive consequences. Such a traumatic event can lead to life-long disabilities that impact an individual's ability to walk, speak, think, and feel. In comparison to more minor accidents, catastrophic injuries have a bigger impact on the victim's health, beyond wounds and bruises. Even with advances in medicine and technology, individuals who suffer these injuries struggle to fully return to their former lives due to the devastating scope of the damages they incur. 

Catastrophic Accidents are Devastating  

Catastrophic injuries can have wide-ranging and devastating effects on a person’s life. In addition to physical effects, these injuries can also impact an individual’s ability to move around, communicate their thoughts, think clearly, and experience emotions. At its worst, a catastrophic injury can preclude any or all basic functions on which people rely every day. Such outcomes may lead to the need for lifelong care and assistance, compounded by devastating emotional fallout including depression and anxiety. Often, those impacted by a devastating accident need to seek support from medical and mental health professionals in addition to friends and family members.   

Recovery from a Catastrophic Accidents is Expensive 

Catastrophic accidents are known to cause a variety of damages that can be life-altering for the individual involved. Not only are physical injuries experienced, but more intangible injuries, like emotional trauma and cognitive decline, can also occur. In addition, caring for these come with hefty price tags. Recovery from a catastrophic accident can quickly become extremely expensive. Treatments may be necessary for both physical and psychological healing and involve long-term health care planning and supportive care. As such, affected individuals often find themselves in dire financial situations unable to financially afford the treatments they need to best cope with their new circumstances.  

Catastrophic Accident and Injury Specialists  

A May, Rammell & Wells, our experienced catastrophic injury lawyer can help you gather the evidence, build a case strategy, and provide the support you need to file your personal injury lawsuit. If you or someone you know has been involved in a catastrophic accident, it is important to seek medical attention immediately. Our knowledgeable attorneys can help you fight for the compensation you deserve. Call today at (208) 623-8021, so we can schedule a consultation to review the details of your case.  

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