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Avoid Saying “Sorry” After an Accident

If you get into a car accident, the first words that might pop out of someone’s mouth are “I’m sorry.” The crash might not be their fault, and they could just mean “I’m sorry we both had to experience this.” However, anyone overhearing the conversation will only year one person apologizing to another. While apologizing may be a polite way to indicate your concern, it can become a huge problem when it comes to liability. Saying “sorry” can have negative consequences in any personal injury case or car accident claim you want to pursue.

By apologizing, you are unintentionally accepting fault for the accident, regardless of whether the other driver had full responsibility. If the crash is severe, other people will likely stop and see if they can help you and anyone else involved in the accident. These witnesses might hear you saying “I’m sorry” and assume you must have caused the collision. When police officers interview these witnesses, he or she will write down what they overheard, which will then be passed on to each driver’s insurance company.

An apology is an ace up an insurance company’s sleeve. It can use the “sorry” to prove the person’s partial or total liability in an accident if it doesn’t want to pay for damages. These companies will use any tactic they can to dispute, deny, or underpay your personal injury claim, and they will use an apology to highlight aggressively your culpability in the accident.

Do your best to avoid giving an insurance company any advantage over you. If you’re involved in a collision, ask the other person if they’re okay and whether they need medical help. This demonstrates your compassion without putting you at risk of accepting fault.

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