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Legally Prohibited Workplace Discrimination

Per laws enforced by the EEOC, it is illegal for an employer in the United States to permit workplace discrimination. The EEOC is diligent about providing up-to-date information regarding discrimination laws, policies, and regulations on their website. If you’re an employee seeking legal counsel regarding workplace discrimination, review the EEOC website and contact an employment lawyer as soon as possible.

The Cost of Discrimination

Workplace discrimination is bad for business and should never be ignored. When a workplace allows discriminatory behaviors, the environment can become very toxic, limiting production and obstructing best business practices.

Workplace discrimination can have a detrimental effect on:

  1. Employee safety
  2. Employee production
  3. Layoffs
  4. Wages and compensation
  5. Promotions

Recognizing Workplace Discrimination

“Workplace discrimination” is an umbrella term that can be divided into many subcategories. If you’re an employee being discriminated against, it’s important to recognize the type of workplace discrimination you’re facing. If you require legal representation, contact an Pocatello employment law attorney to explore your options.

Common examples of workplace discrimination include, but are not limited to:

  1. Race Discrimination: When an employee is treated unfavorably due to ethnic characteristics or color, it is considered racial discrimination. It is legally forbidden for racial discrimination to affect any aspect of employment.
  2. Gender Discrimination: Gender discrimination occurs when an employee receives unfair treatment or harassment at work based on their sex. The Equal Pay ACT, Title VII, the ADA, and the ADEA protect employees against compensation discrimination based on gender.
  3. Age Discrimination: Age discrimination happens when an employee is treated differently due to their age. The ADEA offers legal protection to employees over the age of 40.

Your Next Step

Please review the EEOC website to learn about other types of workplace discrimination. This is a very serious issue, and no employee should ever feel threatened by the environment they work in. If you’re struggling at work due to discrimination, contact our employment law attorneys at (208) 623-8021. You deserve to work in an environment where you feel safe and productive. There is a statute of limitation that applies to workplace discrimination cases, so don’t hesitate to contact our employment lawyer to schedule a consultation.

Contact May, Rammell & Wells at (208) 623-8021 to explore your legal options.


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