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Business Disputes: When to Involve an Attorney

After you work with enough employees or customers, the numbers show that you will eventually reach an impasse where someone believes they were treated unfairly. While some of these incidents can be resolved over the phone or with a quick sit-down, they sometimes reach a point where legal solutions are the only way out. Legal disputes can stem at any point along the life of a business, from beginning through development and into stability. For example, if a company’s articles of incorporation did not include a certain stipulation, it may later result in someone claiming more of the company’s resources as compensation.

Types of legal concerns can include:

  • Contract disputes
  • Product warranty or liability concerns
  • Employment law disputes

Cases such as these can often take months or even years to resolve because of their complexity.

How a Lawyer Can Help with Contract Disputes

Contracts can be tricky. While the purpose of a good contract is to clearly establish an agreement between two or more parties, even the most detailed stipulations can be misinterpreted to mean something you never intended. This is especially important during instances such as breach of contract, where an employee or other party fails to uphold their end of the agreement, leaving you holding the bag.

During a contract dispute, each party will try to get the court to see it their way. Having a lawyer on your side can help you hold the other person(s) accountable for what they promised to do.

Legal Assistance with Product Concerns

When a customer blames you for a product failure, it is important to get the help of an attorney. In this type of case, losing your lawsuit can result in not only financial damages compensation but also a permanent requirement to alter the way you do business.

Employment Law Disputes

Once your company reaches 15 employees, you begin to face bigger legal issues should one of your workers decide to sue. Labor law violations are serious problems that can result in significant losses of time and capital. You may also need to sue a former employee who has taken your trade secrets to a competing company. In all these cases, having the help of a qualified legal professional is crucial.

Issues that Don’t Need a Lawyer

While it’s never a bad idea to hire a business attorney while you conduct business, not everything you do will require legal help. The formation of your business, for example, is something you can take care of online. Yes, it helps to know what you are getting into beforehand, but with enough research, you can set your business up for success without a legal professional.

You can also take care of much of the hiring process on your own, such as writing out job descriptions and employee handbooks. By taking care of the majority of the work on your own, you can then spend less on legal fees, as you have those documents vetted by an attorney.

Accounts receivable collections are another task that do not require the help of an attorney. If someone owes you a significant sum, they are required to pay you back by law. While a lawsuit is sometimes necessary to hold them accountable, oftentimes all you need to do is call them on the phone and establish a payment plan or agreement.

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