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Can I Get Jail Time for Shoplifting in Idaho?

In the Idaho legal code, theft, the act of taking that which does not belong to you, is defined, explained, and separated into different categories. According to Idaho Code §18-2403, a person commits the crime of theft when they willfully deprive another person of their property. Theft is categorized by how the crime was committed, like grand theft, robbery, and petit theft. In addition to those categories, there are also other types of theft, like embezzlement, fraud, robbery, or burglary.

Common Idaho Theft Offenses

Theft is a complicated charge with many different types of charges under the same criminal category. Theft has many modes and means of engagement.

  • Petty Theft, Idaho Code §18-2407: stealing property under $1000 is a misdemeanor offense. The crime carries a sentence of up to one year in jail and a fine of no more than $1000 upon conviction.
  • Grand Theft, Idaho Code §18-2408:is a serious crime that carries severe penalties and hefty fines. The crime carries a sentence of up to 14 years in prison and a fine of $5000 or more. Any grand theft charge is considered a felony, which carries lifelong ramifications.
  • Robbery, Idaho Code §18-6501: is the theft crime of taking another individual’s personal property against their will by force or threat. Robbery is a felony, and it carries penalties of five or more years in prison.
  • Burglary, Idaho Code §18-1401: is the felonious entering of property with the intent to commit another felony in the process of a theft crime. The crime of burglary carries a sentence of at least one year in prison with as many as 10 years possible for repeat offenders.

Some other forms of theft included in the Idaho Code include:

    • Passing a Bad Check, Idaho Code §18-3106: the crime of knowingly writing a check without the funds in the account to cover the purchase.
    • Shoplifting, Idaho Code § 18-4624: the crime of stealing property from a merchant or tampering with merchandise to alter the price for the purpose of buying the item for less than the cost.
    • Receiving Stolen Property, Idaho Code §18-3127: the felony offense of knowingly being in possession of stolen property.
    • Embezzlement, Idaho Code § 18-2403: is the misappropriation or theft of money entrusted to you by the owner, often an employer or relationship of trust.
    • Fraud, Idaho Code § 18-3127: is the crime of using deception to benefit in an unlaw way or to deny a victim of a legal right. Fraud is a dynamic crime that can be applied to other crimes, but the consistent theme of fraud is financial gain or benefit.

Hire An Experienced Idaho Theft Attorney To Fight Your Theft Charges

A theft crime can be a life-altering event that carries consequences that impact your ability to find gainful employment, rebuild your reputation, or even live as a free citizen in Idaho. Depending on the theft crime charge, individuals convicted of a serious theft crime with a prison sentence may have to include this information on employment forms for background checks. Theft charges may also preclude candidates from entire career paths, especially those in banking, financial entities, and securities companies. Many theft crimes are considered crimes of moral turpitude, which often means forfeiture of professional licenses and possible inability to enter many foreign countries. Don’t let a conviction for theft derail your life. If you’ve been wrongfully accused or you made a regrettable mistake, a criminal defense attorney can help protect your future potential.

Pocatello Criminal Defense for Complex and Serious Crimes

Being charged with a theft offense can be confusing and scary, but it’s vital that you understand the charges against you and your legal rights. It can be confusing to comprehend Idaho’s complex theft laws, so don’t attempt to tackle this life-altering situation without the professional assistance of an Idaho criminal defense attorney. If you’ve been charged with a theft crime in Idaho, the Pocatello criminal defense attorneys at May, Rammell & Wells have more than 70 years of collective experience, and they can help you navigate the complex issues of your case.

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