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Things to Tell Your Personal Injury Attorney

If you have never worked with an attorney before, this first experience might seem a bit intimidating, but it is important to keep in mind that your attorney is here to help you and protect your rights, and being honest and open with him or her is a vital element to the client-attorney relationship. If you withhold pertinent information, you are only doing yourself a disservice since surprises in your case will only derail your chances at obtaining a fair settlement.

What does your attorney expect you to share? Below is a list of some of the information you should share with your attorney, which will help your personal injury case:

  1. Previous accidents or injuries: If you have suffered any previous accidents or injuries, tell your attorney. An insurance adjuster will go to great lengths to find any reason to poke holes in your claim and might argue that the injuries you are currently suffering from are related to past injuries or accidents and have nothing to do the most recent accident. Your lawyer always needs to be a step ahead, so inform him or her of your past injuries or accidents to avoid any surprises.
  2. Tell your attorney about your criminal history: If you have a criminal history, such as a misdemeanor or felony, tell your lawyer, especially if they are related to driving. Insurance company lawyers tend to run background checks and, while these typically do not impact personal injury cases, it still might come up during a trial and you do not want your attorney to be caught off guard.
  3. Tell your attorney if you have filed for bankruptcy: If you filed for bankruptcy during your personal injury case, the settlement you secure might become part of the estate, going to your creditors rather than to you. If you tell your personal injury attorney, however, it is possible an arrangement can be worked out for you to keep a portion of the award settlement for yourself.
  4. Tell your attorney if you are either planning to file for a divorce or have filed for divorce: If your spouse supported you after your injury, he or she might be entitled to receive a portion of the damages your recover. Your attorney can ensure that he or she also receives fair compensation.
  5. If you sustained any injuries since your accident, tell your attorney: Never withhold this kind of information. The opposing counsel might argue that you are trying to obtain compensation for injuries that have nothing to do with the accident claim you filed. Your attorney needs to be prepared to dispute this and, if you keep this to yourself, it could cripple your attorney’s ability to effectively dispute this.

Personal injury claims can be incredibly complicated, but even the most experienced and skilled attorney will be hindered if you keep any pertinent information to yourself. Think of your attorney as a partner and work with them to ensure your case does not run into any avoidable obstacles.

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With more than 70 years of collective experience, you can trust that your case will be well taken care of with us.

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