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Sharing the Road: Motorcyclists & Motorists

Every year, motorcyclists are injured and killed in accidents by the thousands. It is your job as an automobile or truck driver to know how to share the road and drive responsibly.  The truth is, motorcyclists are at a much higher risk of serious injury, and if you are the cause of one of these accidents, you are at risk of losing your rights as a driver, not to mention substantial financial loss if there is a case.  It is worth knowing how to drive safely and share the road.  If you have questions about a recent accident or your rights as a driver, contact a Pocatello motorcycle accident attorney from May, Rammell & Wells today.

Tips for Sharing the Road

Approaching driving with the right mindset, and respect for other drivers, can help you avoid making mistakes that lead to accidents.  Motorcyclists require additional awareness that differs from regular auto drivers or truck drivers. Sharing the road with motorcyclists involves:

  • Checking your blind spots: Motorcycles are smaller and less visible than autos or trucks, making them more susceptible to blind spots.  Making turns or changing lanes without checking your blind spots can be fatal to motorcyclists that are caught in the way.
  • Staying in your lane: Motorcyclists are entitled to their own lane, just like an automobile.  Respect the road lines and stay in your lane to avoid getting too close.
  • Using your turn signals: Informing others on the road of your intentions to turn or change lanes should be standard procedure, but it is especially important when driving around motorcyclists. 
  • Being cautious during left turns: Cutting off motorcyclists in a left turn maneuver can cause T-bone accidents that are extremely serious for motorcyclists. 
  • Listening for bikes: If you are aware of your surroundings and are listening to the roads and vehicles around you, you can usually hear a motorcycle coming.  The saying “loud pipes save lives” is true.  The louder the motorcycle is, the safe the rider will be because you will hear him or her coming.

Remember, what is a small accident to you can prove fatal for a motorcyclist.  There is no such thing as a fender-bender for motorcycle riders.  Share the road with respect and you will protect your friends, family and loved ones who ride.

Riders: You Are Not Alone

If you’ve been injured in a motorcycle accident, we can help.  You need the protection and knowledge of an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer from our team. With over 70 years of combined experience under our belts, we know Idaho laws as they pertain to the rights of motorcyclists. Don’t let a negligent or reckless driver take your love of riding away from you. Let our Pocatello motorcycle accident lawyers stand by your side.

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